Clover Creative assists businesses and nonprofit organizations with:

    Grant Research, Writing, Editing, and Auditing

    Proposal Writing and Editing

    Business Plans

    Marketing Plans

    Operating, Training, & Safety Manuals

    Other Technical Writing Needs


Clover Creative also specializes in helping businesses and organizations with networking and making connections, including business to business, business to government, business to customer.



Our consultants take pride in finding the right grant-funding agency and writing powerful, effective grant applications for nonprofits and for-profit organizations and businesses.

Our networking model for your business is designed to work for you and your business.

Our consultants will work with you and your business to fully understand your business and your needs. From creating a new business and/or marketing plan to updating and reevaluating an existing plan, CC will work to help you improve your bottom line and plan for the future.

Workshops and Speaking Engagements

Watch for our seminars and use our building blocks to build your business.